Legal Aid Service Provider(s) at The Independent Grievance Mechanism (IGM) April, 2023

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The Independent Grievance Mechanism (IGM)
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Legal Aid Service Provider(s)

Introduction to the IGM:

The Independent Grievance Mechanism (IGM) is a non-judicial mechanism established towards the end of 2022 to provide people who have allegedly suffered human rights impacts connected to the security services as Williamson Mine the opportunity to address their grievances through the IGM and obtain effective access to remedy.

Composition of the Independent Grievance Mechanism:

The IGM is comprised of four key organs, headed by an independent panel of legal experts, who work in a systematic manner in accordance with an established process.

The role of the Legal Aid Service Providers is to assist the IGM to ensure equitable justice.

Duties and Responsibilities of Legal Service Providers

  • To explain to complainants and local communities their rights and responsibilities in using judicial and non-judicial grievance mechanisms:
  • To help complainants and local communities understand the mandate of the IGM and develop trust in accessing and using the IGM:
  • To formally assist complainants through the IGM process:
  • To guide complainants in the dialogue around remedy once the independent panel of experts have made their decision.


  • A bachelor’s degree in law from a recognized and reputed University Institution in Tanzania, or if you studied overseas, your certificates should be acknowledged by the Tanzania Commis­sion for Universities(TCU); an Advocate qualification will be a bonus: or
  • Any bachelor’s degree in any accredited institution, save for a bachelor’s degree in law and a qualification and registration/accreditation as a paralegal; or
  • Any diploma or certificate from accredited institution: or from a registered and experienced Legal Aid Service Provider Institutions /Non- Governmental Organization (NGOs)/Civil Society 0rganizations(CS0s)or Paralegal under Tanzania Legal Aid Act 2017; and
  • Proved experience in provision of Legal Aid Services at least for two years; and
  • Candidates need to reside in the Shinyanga Region.


The legal Aid services Providers will report to the Chair of the Independent Panel of Experts. Mode of Application:

Send your Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae(CV)and Academic Certificates to: [email protected] and copy to [email protected] by Sunday 7 May 2023

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