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Warning: Job Scam Alert – GIICCA Fraud Exposed

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Beware of Tanzania Job Scam: Graham International Institute For Climate Change Adaptation (GIICCA)

Recently, there has been a surge in reports regarding a potential job scam involving the Graham International Institute For Climate Change Adaptation (GIICCA) in Tanzania. These reports are circulating widely across various social media platforms, urging individuals to exercise caution.

Scam Alert GIICCA

Legitimate Phone Number Structure:

It’s important to note the standard format for legitimate Tanzanian phone numbers, which typically adhere to the following structure: “+255 XX XXX XXXX.” In this format:

  • “+255” represents the country code for Tanzania.
  • “XX” denotes the area code, which varies depending on the region (e.g., “22” for Dar es Salaam).
  • “XXX XXXX” forms the subscriber number, which is typically comprised of a series of digits.

Comparison to Suspicious Number:

In contrast, the phone number provided by GIICCA, such as “255-220-737-3786,” deviates significantly from the standard format. Notably:

  • The inclusion of hyphens and an excessive number of digits (eleven digits instead of the usual nine or ten) raises red flags regarding its authenticity.
  • Legitimate businesses typically adhere to standard phone number formats, making deviations from this norm a cause for concern.

Vague Office Address:

Furthermore, the organization’s office address listed as “AICC Building, Afrika Mashariki Road, Arusha” lacks specificity and fails to provide a precise location within Arusha. This vagueness raises doubts about the legitimacy of the organization’s physical presence and operational transparency.

Email Address Anomaly:

Additionally, the email address “[email protected]” lacks the professional credibility expected from a reputable organization. The inclusion of multiple punctuation marks (“,,,”) within the email address is unusual and may indicate an attempt to obfuscate the email’s authenticity.

Job Listings Analysis:

Another aspect contributing to suspicions surrounding GIICCA’s legitimacy is the nature of the job postings they advertise. These positions appear overly simplistic and casual, seemingly designed to attract a large pool of applicants.

  • Simplified Job Descriptions: The job roles listed, such as Research Officers, Field Officers, Procurement Officers, Environment Conservation Officers, Community Liaison Officers, and Monitoring & Evaluation Officers, appear to lack the depth and complexity expected of legitimate employment opportunities. This simplification may serve as a tactic to entice unsuspecting individuals into applying.
  • Abundance of Vacancies: The sheer number of vacancies advertised, especially in high-demand fields related to environmental conservation and community outreach, seems disproportionate and raises suspicions regarding the organization’s capacity to accommodate such a large workforce.


Important Advisory:

Individuals considering applying for positions advertised by Graham International Institute For Climate Change Adaptation (GIICCA) are urged to proceed with extreme caution. Given the concerning discrepancies in the organization’s contact information, including irregularities in phone numbers and vague office addresses, there is a high likelihood of fraudulent activity.


  1. Apply at Your Own Risk: Should you choose to proceed with an application, it is crucial to do so with full awareness of the potential risks involved. Exercise utmost vigilance throughout the application process and remain skeptical of any requests for personal or financial information.
  2. Avoid Financial Transactions: Under no circumstances should applicants engage in any financial transactions or payments to GIICCA or its representatives. Requests for money, fees, or financial investments as part of the application process are red flags indicative of potential fraud.
  3. Remain Cautious: If contacted by GIICCA or individuals claiming affiliation with the organization, exercise discretion and refrain from disclosing sensitive information. Verify the legitimacy of any communication or job offer through independent research and seek advice from trusted sources if uncertain.


Considering these discrepancies, individuals are strongly cautioned to approach any job opportunities associated with GIICCA with skepticism. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research, verify the organization’s legitimacy through reliable sources, and refrain from sharing personal or financial information until the authenticity of the job offer can be confirmed beyond doubt. Vigilance and careful scrutiny are essential safeguards against falling victim to potential scams.

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