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Logistics Manager at Medecins du Monde April, 2024

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The Logistics Manager is in charge of:

  • Support the Logistics team for implementation of the base (Guesthouse/Office)
  • Follow-up the logistics activities to facilitate the operational part of the project with the resources, procedures and tools defined with the Admin and Logistics Coordinator (LADCO)


Hierarchical link: Admin and Logistics Coordinator

Functional link: Admin and Logistics Coordinator

Team under his/her direct supervision: Logistics Assistant


  1. Supply for the implementation of the base and the program
  • Ensure the follow-up of the supply for the base and the project: reception of orders, selection of the procedures needed, purchasing, packaging, organizing transport and delivery.
  • Establish and update purchasing timelines, taking into consideration procurement tables, operation timelines and contextual and procedural logistical constraints
  • Supervise the preparation of purchasing documents and draft the contracts
  • Select suppliers and negotiate prices, deadlines, and delivery methods
  • Supervise purchasing, ensuring that approval rules and procedures are observed
  • Ensure that purchasing documents are complete and archived in keeping with MDM procedures
  • Regularized all purchases files (signature to have, derogation letter…)
  • Update of price lists and supplier files
  • Update the purchase follow-up tools
  1. Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Supervise the team of drivers, including scheduling, in line with MDM HR policies
  • Supervise the planning and execution of maintenance and repair work on mission vehicles
  • Establish vehicle movement schedules
  • Ensure that drivers are aware of their obligation to adhere to MDM safety rules and procedures
  • Check that vehicle logbooks are in place and are used correctly
  1. Equipment & Asset management
  • Ensure tagging of assets is done
  • Ensuring proper repairs and maintenance of equipments and assets
  • Organizing for disposal of obsolete equipments and assets using the recommended procedure
  • Proper record keeping of all organizational equipments and assets.
  • Ensure the equipments and assets register is well maintained and updated
  • Follow up on incident reports for damaged or lost equipment and assets.


  1. Compound and facility management (office, Guesthouse)
  • Ensuring safety of our staff within the compounds i.e., hazard free working environment
  • Ensure firefighting equipment’s are placed on strategic positions
  • Ensure clear accessibility to all areas of concern within the compounds
  • Ensuring that we have lights, water and other compound necessities all through
  • Conducting random checks within our compounds in the mornings and evenings


  1. IT & Communication
  • Ensure there is stable and reliable internet

   6.Team management

  • Recruit and monitor the performance of the logistics team through regular appraisals and action plan follow-up
  • Provide technical support to the logistics team and if needed, training sessions

7. Reports

  • Mission Request Follow up to be shared to Logistics Coordinator
  • Stocks/ inventory reports to be shared to Logistics Coordinator
  • Equipment and Asset reports to be shared to Logistics Coordinator
  • Fleet and generator reports to be shared to Logistics Coordinator
  • Monthly narrative to be shared to Logistics Coordinator

The list of missions is not exhaustive and may be changed to reflect developments and specific needs.


 Training & Experience

  • University Degree
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in Logistics
  • At least 2 previous experiences with an INGO is required
  • Experience in fleet management, supply chain and stock
  • Experience dealing with suppliers and following procurement procedures


  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work quickly, under pressure, with short deadlines
  • Negotiation skills
  • Flexibility, Reactivity, anticipation, and adaptability
  • Respectful and integrity
  • Able to work and live in specific security context

Hard skills

English and Swahili are mandatory (oral and Written)


  • Type of contract: CDDU
  • Duration: 01/06/2024 to 31/12/2024 (renewable in January 2025)
  • Starting date: 01/06/2024
  • Rhythm: full-time
  • Location: Dar Es salaam, Tanzania
  • Basic Salary : 3,344,671 TSH

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