You are currently viewing Tender Advertisement at FAO April, 2024

Tender Advertisement at FAO April, 2024

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Tender Advertisement For The
Construction Of Collection Centres.


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been contracted to implement the Nutrition Component of the AGRI CONNECT programme under EU funded multi-sectoral programme “AGRI-CONNECT,” through a project titled “Building Resilience of Agri- Food Systems and Better Nutrition in the Context of the Global Pandemic.”

With the aim of accomplishing the project objectives, FAO has published the tender for the construction of collection centres in the Southern Highlands – Agro-Ecological zone (AEZ), Kiponzelo, (Iringa) Isongelo (Mbeya), Mdandu (Njombe) and Mbuyu Joda Pemba, Zanzibar. The tender has been advertised on the United Nations Global Market Place Website(UNGM).

Qualified contractors are invited to apply through the link tender reference number 2024/FRURT/FRURT/126673.

The applications should be uploaded on UNGM not later than 2Ath April 202A.

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