You are currently viewing Provision of Audit Services for FY 2023 at National Youth Information Centre (NICE) January, 2024

Provision of Audit Services for FY 2023 at National Youth Information Centre (NICE) January, 2024

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National Youth Information Centre (NICE) is a non-governmental, non-profit, charitable organization formed and registered in Tanzania on 23rd November 2001 under Societies’ incorporation ordinance of 1956 (cap 375). And complied with the National NGO’s Act of 2002 and awarded a compliance certificate number 0768 on 23rd June 2008. NICE was formed from a series of discussion conducted by students at the University of Dar es Salaam trying to find out, why the majority of youths including the educated ones are not reaching/realizing their full potentials.

We came out with the reasons that one of the factors that hinder them is lack of proper and timely information. The majority of Youth in Tanzania general and those in rural areas in particular, lack proper information, which surrounds their lives. They lack proper and timely information about Education, Health, Human rights and good governance. This lack of information has been linked to social problems such as crime, prostitution, drug abuse and vandalism committed by uninformed youths. In recognition of this situation NICE was formed.


The vision of the Center is to become a leading center of excellence in provision of timely and relevant developmental information to disadvantaged youths in Tanzania.


The mission of NICE is to facilitate the empowerment of youth to enable them make informed decisions about all aspects of their lives: This will be accomplished through the provision of information in the form of Training, Research, Lobby and Advocacy, Publications and Documentations.

Nice Values

Professionalism, Punctuality, Equity, Participation, Networking, Feminism, Transparency and Facts. The Dream NICE envisions Tanzania where young people are seen as assets and resources, and thus are encouraged to develop their full potential to be educated, informed, healthy, responsible, active and valued citizens in their communities. To achieve this, NICE work in youth development aims to expand young people’s life choices with regard to fertility, education, health, employment and civic participation through a comprehensive assets-based approach, infused with a gender and human rights perspective.


The NGO invites eligible and competent Consultants to bid for the following procurement opportunity:

  1. Request for Proposal of Provision of Audit Services for the financial year 2024. Deadline to submit applications: Wednesday 31st January 2024 at 1600hrs Tanzanian Time.
  2. Interested candidates should send their proposal into the following email: [email protected] cc mailto:[email protected] , also for any inquiries find us through above emails.
  3. The consultant should be registered with NBAA.
  4. Technical and financial should be in separate envelopes marked outside. For those who will send via email the technical and financial proposals should be separate and in one document.
  5. Proposal which will reach our office after the deadline will not be considered. Use the following address.

Executive Director,

P O BOX 275

Nguzo Sita Street,

Plot 118, Nakayaya Area,

Tunduru, Ruvuma.


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