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Chief Academic Officer at Silverleaf Academy Ltd November, 2023

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Organization: Silverleaf Academy Ltd, Tanzania

Location: Silverleaf Academy Usa River Campus, Tanzania, with travel to other campuses

Position: Chief Academic Officer

Contract Type: Full Time

Contract Duration: 2 years

Line Manager: Managing Director

Direct Reports: Education Officers, Education Associates, School Manager(s), School Head Teacher(s)


Silverleaf Academy is a chain of affordable private pre-primary and primary schools in Tanzania

educating children aged 2-14. Our mission is to provide lower-middle-income families in Tanzania with

highest quality learning at the most affordable levels. Using the national Tanzanian curriculum,

Silverleaf schools deploy an inclusive, tech-supported curriculum inside every classroom, and adopt

an innovative team-teaching approach and in-service training program. Our schools are specifically

designed to build both student academic competencies and wider life, leadership and learning skills.

It is our promise to our students and their parents that Silverleaf students will not leave school

without full mastery of the basic skills of writing, reading and math, while also being prepared for a

world where critical thinking, team collaboration, and entrepreneurship are paramount. Silverleaf

currently has one fully operational campus in Usa River serving approximately 400 pre-primary to

standard 7 students. By January 2025, the target is to grow the Usa River campus to over 1,000

daycare up to standard 7 students. In addition, the organization will set the foundation for acquisition

of two new campuses serving a further 500 students by January 2025.


The Academic Dean is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction for academic

programs, for developing and implementing academic policies and procedures, overseeing faculty and

staff, and working to ensure the success of students. The Academic Dean will play a key role in

expanding the school to three campuses by standardizing curriculum, coaching teachers, mentoring

teachers, standardizing positive reinforcement, and adding technology.

Key Performance Indicators

1. Student-Centered Learning Proficiency: Percentage of students actively engaged in

inquiry-based, collaborative, and personalized learning experiences.

2. Student Academic Achievement Rate: Percentage of students achieving or exceeding

grade-level proficiency in core subjects.

3. Life Skills Mastery Rate: Percentage of students demonstrating proficiency in critical life

skills, including empathy, problem-solving, and communication.

4. Effective Technology Integration Index: Assessment of the meaningful integration of

technology into classroom instruction, fostering digital literacy and critical thinking.

5. English Language Proficiency: Assessment of students’ mastery of the English language,

including reading, writing, and verbal communication.


1. Strategic Leadership:

Develop and implement strategic education plans for all schools across the

Silverleaf network, aligned with Silverleaf’s mission and core values.

Identify and assess new academic programs and initiatives, including those that

integrate technology.

Work with the CEO to develop and implement budget and resource allocation

plans for the academic division.

2. Curriculum Development and Implementation:

Develop and implement a standardized curriculum across all three campuses,

ensuring that it is aligned with best practices and meets the needs of all


Collaborate with teachers to develop and implement lesson plans and

assessments that integrate tablets and technology hubs into classrooms.

Monitor the implementation of the curriculum and make adjustments as


3. Teacher Coaching and Mentoring:

Coach and mentor teachers to ensure that they are delivering high-quality

instruction, including using technology effectively in the classroom.

Provide feedback and support to teachers on their lesson plans, assessments,

teaching methods, and use of technology.

Develop and implement professional development programs for teachers on

how to use technology in the classroom.

4. Positive Reinforcement:

Standardize positive reinforcement practices across all three campuses, creating

a positive and supportive learning environment for students.

Develop and implement a system for tracking and rewarding student

achievement, including the use of technology.

Train teachers on positive reinforcement strategies.

5. Technology:

Integrate technology into the curriculum and instruction in a meaningful and

effective way.

Develop and implement a technology plan for the academic division.

Manage the academic division’s technology budget and resources.

Provide training and support to teachers on how to use technology in the


6. Student Performance:

Oversee the academic performance of all students.

Analyze student data to identify areas for improvement.

Develop and implement strategies to improve student outcomes, including the

use of technology.

7. Faculty and Staff Supervision:

Supervise and evaluate faculty and staff using learning journey rubrics and tools.

Provide feedback and support to help them improve their performance,

including their use of technology in the classroom.

Conduct regular performance reviews.

8. Budget and Resources:

Manage the academic division’s budget and resources.

Ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Develop and submit budget proposals to the executive Director and Managing


9. External Representation:

Represent the school at external events and meetings.

Build relationships with other schools, universities, and educational


Promote the school’s academic programs and achievements, including the use

of technology in the classroom.

10. Thought Leadership:

Build and codify intellectual property of the organization concerning education

model delivery across schools in Tanzania.

Build and codify intellectual property of the organization concerning optimized

school network management in Tanzania.

Position Silverleaf as a thought leader in the design and delivery of education

programming in Tanzania.

Basic Qualifications

Master’s degree in education or a related field

7+ years of experience in an academic leadership role in international contexts

Strong track record of success in improving student outcomes

Expertise in curriculum development and implementation

Ability to coach and mentor teachers

Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

Excellent communication and organizational skills

Fluency in English. Knowledge of Swahili preferable

Experience with educational technology (in class and for school administration)


The Academic Dean should possess exceptional communication skills, fostering strong relationships

with faculty, students, and parents. They will need to be a strategic thinker, adept at setting academic

goals and driving initiatives to achieve them. They will demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and

diversity, ensuring every student receives an enriching education.


An essential part of the Silverleaf model is adherence to the core values of the organisation. These

values are ingrained in our approach and extend to staff, students, parents and partners alike. They

are used throughout organisational processes and decision-making to guide what we do. For staff,

adherence to these values is mandatory and forms the cornerstone of performance reviews.

1. Lead the Way – Demonstrate the principles of servant leadership by practicing empathy,

considering needs of others, and setting a good example for peers in your community.

2. Speak, Listen, and Learn – Work together by sharing your ideas in an organized way, listening

to the views of others, and considering different perspectives and angles.

3. Ask Why and Why Not – Think critically and use evidence to support your decisions, to find

proactive ways to challenge what is possible and to innovate for positive changes.

4. Build for the Future – Look beyond today and equip yourself with the skills, attitudes and tools

required to be a socially responsible global citizen in the world of tomorrow.

5. Unwavering Mission Focus – Set clear goals and be disciplined, diligent and determined in

achieving them to the very best of your ability, regardless of the obstacles that may arise

How to appy:
Send you application letter and cv to [email protected]

Applcation Deadline 30th November

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