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RFP Title: Supply and Installation of solar panels at Uchira division, Moshi Kilimanjaro.

RFP Number: RFP NO. [TAHA/CONS/005/2023]

Issue date: 22 December 2023; Closing Date and Time: 11 January 2024, 05:00 pm Questions and Clarifications: Due by 4 January 2024 Estimated Delivery/ Performance Date: 29, February 2024


Tanzania Horticultural Association, http://taha.ortz/ is an apex private sector member-based organization mandated to develop and promote the horticultural industry in Tanzania. TAHA’s goal is to improve the growth and competitiveness of horticultural industry in the country for social and economic gains by being a strong voicing platform, representing farmers at all levels, processors, exporters and service providers in the horticultural industry in Tanzania.

TAHA and the Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development (FFD) are implementing the Value for Water Project (VfW) since 2021, which is expected to end in 2024, with co-funds from the European Union and IFAD. The Project is designed to promote sustainable water use by the smallholder farmers in Uchira Division, Uchira Village in Moshi district, Kilimanjaro region. The project looks to showcase the utilization of irrigation opportunities which farmer communities and farmers’ organisations can adopt and invest in for sustainability, bordering on solar energy and precision irrigation using drip irrigation technology and management of water use through a “pay-as-you-use” system at a very affordable price. The project aims on water metering, valve control, analytics and knowledge growth of farmers about water usage as overall aim of the project for the smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan countries.

Through this project, TAHA is working with a group of farmers in Uchira village, who have the irrigation infrastructure at the site. Currently, the Project is facilitating renovations of the infrastructure, which will also require solar panel supply and installations as the source of power for a borehole pump at the site.


The overall objective of this assignment is to supply and install solar panels at the Uchira site in the Kilimanjaro region. SCOPE OF WORK – TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (SOLAR PART)

The Uchira Irrigation scheme consists of an existing 22kW pump from Dayliff (DS30-26), currently connected to TANESC0 grid. The overall aim of the project is to pilot value-for-water business model, impact of pay-as-you-use for irrigation efficiency and water consumption, and benefits of solar technology.

  1. Submission Instructions

Interested bidders should download the terms of reference through

  1. Clarification on the Advert
  2. All correspondence related to the RFP shall be made in English. Should there be any uncertainty, the Bidder shall seek clarification in writing through e-mail to: [email protected] copying [email protected]
  3. Any clarification sought by the bidder in respect to the advert shall be titled CLARIFICATION ON ADVERT – SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF SOLAR PANELS AT UCHIRA DIVISION, MOSHI KILIMANJARO

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