You are currently viewing Assistant Pharmaceutical Technician at Jemix Healthcare Ltd January, 2024

Assistant Pharmaceutical Technician at Jemix Healthcare Ltd January, 2024

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Duties and responsibilities

To provide an accurate, timely, and qualitative dispensing service of drugs according to medical prescriptions and Medical Teams International’s protocols, standards, and procedures in order to improve the patient’s health conditions.



Job responsibilities

  • Dispenses medication to patients according to medical prescription, ensuring the medication is labelled with the correct drug name, strength, quantity, expiry date, directions for use and additional required information and providing clear instructions and advice on how to take the drug, when, how long, how to store, possible side-effects and any other relevant warnings. Making sure the patient understands in order to ensure correct
  • Adhering to Medical Teams International’s practice policies and procedures for dispensing medicines, in particular those relating to controlled drugs and ensuring respect of confidentiality in dispensing
  • Placing accurate and timely orders with the central stock, maintaining minimum stock levels of medicines, checking expiry dates and storage conditions and ensuring no medicines or material are taken out of the clinic without authorization
  • Maintaining accurate dispensing records and regularly reporting them to his/her technical Ensuring  returned   and   out-of-date medication is safely removed to a well designated quarantine zone for unwanted pharmaceuticals, separated from the normal stock
  • Organizing and keeping clean the dispensing area, ensuring cleanliness and care in handling medicines to avoid contamination and mix-up. Maintaining facility equipment, ensuring it is clean, accurate and in a good state of
  • Maintaining the integrity and security of the clinic by admitting only authorized personnel and ensuring that all medicines are stored as Reporting immediately to the technical reference on any problem arising in the service (especially loss, robbery, quality problems with medicines (abnormal changes in colour, consistency, and odour) damage of medical equipment or medicines).
  • Carrying out Patient Therapeutic Education (PTE) and interacting with patient using a patient based approach to accompany chronic Informing the medical doctor in case of lack of adherence and identifying the reasons and finding solutions to improve adherence.
  • Understanding, recording and informing on any complaint received from patients related to medicine use or side
  • Other duties as


  • Certificate/Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science is required
  • Enlisted with Pharmacy Council of Tanzania
  • Valid practicing license is required
  • Additional qualifications in Inventory Management is an added advantage


  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar role will be added advantage
  • Knowledge of good dispensing practices and inventory management


  • Good communication skills
  • Analytical with attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of patient information and test results

Job application procedure: Please send your CV, Cover Letter and other testimonies to [email protected] on or before 14 January 2024.


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