You are currently viewing Mobile Equipment Operator III-Crane at Barrick January, 2024

Mobile Equipment Operator III-Crane at Barrick January, 2024

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Position Description

The Barrick Africa Middle East Team is seeking to recruit a Mobile Equipment Operator III-Crane to join and grow our team.

Join our exceptional team and embody Barrick’s core values as you work with us. We are in search of individuals who can champion Barrick’s DNA by:

  • Communicating Honestly, Transparently, and Acting with Integrity.
  • Exhibiting a Results-Driven approach.
  • Delivering solutions that are Fit for Purpose.
  • Dedicating themselves to Building a Sustainable Legacy.
  • Taking Responsibility and being Accountable.
  • Committing to Zero Harm.
  • Cultivating strong and meaningful Partnerships.

If you’re ready to contribute to our world-class team while embracing these values, we encourage you to apply and become a valued member of our diverse workforce.


  • 100% Compliance to the use of required PPE for the task at hand.
  • Equipment Pre-Start Inspections conducted prior to operating any equipment on a shift basis and sub-standard equipment reported & corrected immediately.
  • Tools & Equipment inspected & maintained before and after use daily, correct tools used for the task at hand- no reports of using incorrect tools or equipment for the job.
  • Safe & efficient Equipment operation within Standard Operating Procedure requirements
  • 100% Achievement of daily planned targets.
  •  Valid operating permit/license available for all types of equipment operated
  • Carry out housekeeping activities before and after every task completed.
  • Carry out Environmental Inspection at workplace at start of every shift.
  • 100% Compliance to Equipment Maintenance schedule.
  • Only operate Mobile Equipment within prescribed limits, safely at all times
  • 100% of shift reports accurately & correctly completed and handed over by end of shift daily
  • Acquire actively information from the primary source.
  • Ascertain the origin, nature, or definitive characteristics of things happening.
  • Using interpersonal skills to work collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Adjusting own behaviors to work efficiently and effectively in light of new information, changing situations and/ or different environments.
  • Being held accountable for the quality of work delivered
  • Willing to do any/ all of the work required within your skills set
  • Uses practical, direct judgment to achieve desired outputs, using trial and error methods to overcome obstacles.
  • Estimate load weight and center of gravity carry out troubleshooting, fault finding and corrective maintenance in order to solve unplanned equipment unavailability events.
  • Prevent further equipment damage/ faults.

Qualification requirements

  • Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • Sound knowledge of Surface Operations in Mining/ Construction.
  • Sound knowledge of relevant Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Formal Training Certification for all types of Equipment claimed to operate.  Knowledge of safety systems & incident investigation.
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment.
  • Sound knowledge of workplace safety & health.
  •  Equipment Operator licenses.
  • Country of Origin Driving License.
  • Sound Knowledge of Crane Operations, lift plans & Calculations, soil inspections etc.
  • Secondary School Education Certificate.
  •  VETA Driving Certificate.
  • Possess a Valid Tanzanian driving license, class B, C, D and E.
  • Able to Drive Manual Transmission/Stick Shift Transmission.
  • Sound knowledge of Mining Safety Regulations and best practice.

Experience and Competencies needed

  • Experience in dealing with multi-cultural orientations
  • At least 3 years industry experience in Mining/Construction Operations
  • At least 3 Years’ experience in operating Heavy Mining/ Construction Mobile Equipment
  • Experience in Operating 25 to 150 ton Capacity Crane

What We Can Offer You

  • A comprehensive compensation package including bonuses and site-specific benefits.
  • The ability to make a difference and lasting impact.
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative, progressive, and high-performing team.
  • Opportunities to grow and learn with the industry colleagues are endless.
  • Access to a variety of career opportunities across the organization.


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