You are currently viewing Human Resources (HR) at Afritech Greencrops December, 2023

Human Resources (HR) at Afritech Greencrops December, 2023

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Afritech Greencrops Group Tanzania

Afritech Greencrops Group (ATGC Group) is a high-tech agricultural enterprise focusing on the crop planting, processing technology, and international trade of cassava, sorghum, soybeans, and other crops, focusing on green agricultural technology and sustainable development in Africa.

Office location: Mikocheni(near regency park hotel),Dar es salaam


Working Place :Tanga, Handeni


Recruitment and Staffing:

  • Develop and implement recruitment strategies.
  • Source, interview, and hire candidates.
  • Coordinate onboarding processes for new employees.

Employee Relations:

  • Handle employee relations matters, including conflict resolution.
  • Address employee grievances and concerns.
  • Promote a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Performance Management:

  • Implement performance appraisal systems.
  • Provide guidance on goal setting and professional development.
  • Manage performance improvement plans.

Training and Development:

  • Identify training needs within the organization.
  • Coordinate training programs and workshops.
  • Support employee development initiatives.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Administer compensation and benefits programs.
  • Conduct salary surveys to ensure competitive pay.
  • Manage payroll processes.

Policy Development and Compliance:

  • Develop and update HR policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  • Communicate changes in policies to employees.

Legal Compliance:

  • Stay informed about employment laws and regulations.
  • Ensure HR practices align with legal requirements.
  • Address legal issues related to employment.

Employee Engagement:

  • Develop and implement employee engagement initiatives.
  • Conduct surveys to measure employee satisfaction.
  • Foster a positive work environment.

Health and Safety:

  • Implement health and safety programs.
  • Ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Address workplace safety concerns.

Talent Management:

  • Identify high-potential employees.
  • Develop and implement talent management strategies.
  • Succession planning for key positions.

Employee Benefits Administration:

  • Administer employee benefits programs (health insurance, retirement plans, etc.).
  • Communicate benefits information to employees.
  • Manage open enrollment processes.

Terminations and Offboarding:

  • Conduct exit interviews.
  • Manage the offboarding process, including return of company property.
  • Ensure compliance with termination procedures.

Workforce Planning:

  • Collaborate with management on workforce planning and forecasting.
  • Address staffing needs and changes in organizational structure.

HR Analytics and Reporting:

  • Utilize data and analytics to make informed HR decisions.
  • Generate reports on HR metrics and key performance indicators.


  • MALE
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • Bachelor’s degree in law or human resources
  • At least 3 year’s experience in hr or related fields.
  • Additional education, certifications, or experience is advantageous.
  • Familiarity with office technology and equipment, including computers, fax machines, scanners, printers, phone systems, etc.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proactive, organized approach to multitasking.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Professional appearance, courteous manner.


500k-800k per month

Lunch and accommodation is included

Send your CV and Application Letter to Email: [email protected]

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