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Forestry and Conservation Manager at Lipton December, 2023

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The Forestry and Conservation Manager co-ordinates company conservations and fuelwood operations plans and implementations through partnering with site managers and teams / individuals concerned to ensure a balance of supply and demand of both short- and long-term fuelwood to the company factories. To help plan, lead and control all trees planting activities with a team of Operation excellence department, experts, and contractors. To implement overall company activities on forestry and fuelwood resources. To supervise efficient forestry and fuelwood operations of the company. To help on developing fuelwood demand and supply planning to maintain sustainable fuelwood supply for the company. Support the implementation of environmental targets for the Company including the local and legal requirements that support the Company’s Sustainable Living Plan.



•    Plan and supervise forestry projects, such as determining the type, number, and placement of trees to be planted, managing tree nurseries, pruning, thinning etc.
•    To control company forestry program, including the management of existing trials, establishment of new tree farms, and implement forestry risk assessment and analysis.
•    Establish short -term and long-term plans for management of forest lands and fuelwood resources.
•    participate on technical negotiate terms and conditions of agreements and contracts for forest harvesting and forest management with minimum waste and environmental damage.
•    Monitor compliance and results of forestry activities to assure adherence to safety, company environmental policy and government regulations.


•    Plan, co-ordinate, report and overall supervise the end-to-end firewood operations programs against compliances to standards, plans and policies. These includes tree nursery operations, planting, maintenance, and harvesting.
•    Short- and long-term thermal demand and supply planning to maintain the desired firewood supply.
•    Manage firewood distribution planning and execution to the manufacturing sites from source.
•    Prepares reports and communicate forecast and inventory measurements against the targets.
•    Analyze, evaluate, and interpret relevant firewood operations data to act as a single point of reference for the same.
•    Develop collaborations with relevant institutions on areas of improvement beneficial to the company.
•    Train of the firewood teams on operational standardization and safety and harmonization.
•    Support the development of operations and process controls and improvements to increase efficiencies in company environmental performance.
•    Drive continuous improvement initiatives.
•    Manage the forest conservation areas for sustainability.
•    Monitor the various solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes generated in the business and the programs to reuse, reduce, or recycle.
•    Support the estates and factories on internal and statutory environmental audits.
•    Conduct the Company’s Forestry inventory.
•    Develop the Company’s Forestry management plan.


•    Bachelor’s graduate in Forestry or a related discipline
•    3 years hands on experience.
•    Experience in assessment and evaluation of sustainable forestry trees
•    Experience in forestry management/fuelwood management
•    Financial Competency
•    IT Skills and use of MS Office.
•    Asset Investment and Care
•    Project Management
•    Supply chain interactions
•    Strategy
•    Communication and presentation skills
•    Demand Planning
•    Customer service
•    Supply Planning
•    Forecasting
•    Inventory management
•    Project management
•    Knowledge on environmental management is an added advantage.



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