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Procurement Officer at ALAF March, 2023

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Procurement Management

a) Timely delivery of procured goods and services.

b) Conduct negotiation to obtain value for money.

c) Follow up on delivery of ordered goods and services on time.

d) Monitoring of the re-order level of materials required for the project and ensuring timely availability as per agreed schedules.

e) Maintain records of goods ordered and received, ensuring all procurement documentation is appropriately filed.

f) Prepare payment and cash flow forecasts for imports and local purchases based on payment terms.

g) Advises the user department on the appropriate procurement process to be followed.

Supplier Relationship Management

a) Work across service providers to achieve value through maximized savings benefits, reduced duplications, and negotiate fixed contractual agreements.

b) Administer contract performance, including delivery, renewal, warranty, damages, and insurance.

c) Conduct regular suppliers’ evaluations to ensure supplier compliance on quality delivery, payment terms, agreed contract terms, etc.

d) Ensure suppliers working with ALAF have submitted all documents required for vendor registration and documents are verified to be compliant as per the nature of business.

e) Ensure due diligence is done for all suppliers registered for conducting business with ALAF.

Record keeping

a) Attach proforma invoices and bid analysis while creating purchase orders in SAP.

b) Ensure all documents submitted by vendors for payment process are well maintained and accurate and GRN are done timely.

c) Introduce a proper filling system where accessing and retrieving records should be done quickly.

Objective / Output

Value for Money, Timely delivery of goods and services, Compliance with policies and procedures, Compliance with agreed contract terms, Records of negotiations/discounts, Suppliers database, GRN Processing, Control of Records, Filling system, Usage of ERP / Follow-up, Approved spending, Efficient in processing orders, Reduce advance payments.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management / Stores Management / Supply chain / related field
  • Experience – 3 years and above in a similar role
  • PSPTB Registration is a mandatory
  • Manufacturing industry/Construction industry

Work Level: Mid-Level
Job Type:Contract
Salary:Market Related
Duration:1 – 2 Years
EE Position:No
Location:Dar es Salaam


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