You are currently viewing Head, Real Estate Services at Stanbic Bank Tanzania March, 2023

Head, Real Estate Services at Stanbic Bank Tanzania March, 2023

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Technology & Architecture

To align, develop, implement, track and monitor the Real Estate Services (RES) strategic enablement plan for Tanzania. To enable the achievement of SBT’s overall business strategy and goals. To lead, manage and deliver on the RES capabilities across Retail, Commercial, Technical, Facilities Management and Group Physical Security portfolios, in Tanzania. Accountable and Responsible for the total Physical Real Estate which comprises of small subunits dealing with Premises, Logistics, group physical security and related capabilities, in Tanzania, across all value chains.

Risk, Regulatory, Prudential & Compliance

  • Set, advise and monitor adherence to minimum standards for Real Estate Services, Tanzania to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory Real Estate laws.
  • Set, maintain, and monitor adherence to risk appetite standards for Physical Security, Tanzania.
  • Track industry best practices and enforce duty of care as required.
  • Provide guidance and advice in managing RES-related risks, complex problems and key opportunities that have been identified across SBT.


  • Lead the Real Estate Services Function, Tanzania, according to the lean leadership and employee engagement principles, including employee lifecycle from recruitment through to exit, performance management, training and development, discipline and grievance management, retention and reward and people administration, to ensure a high-performance culture.
  • Define the stakeholder engagement model that relates to Real Estate Services, Tanzania to enhance customer centricity.
  • Develop and implement the RES People plan within Tanzania with support from the Human Capital Function. Define and approve the jobs and appointment of incumbents for critical roles within Real Estate Services across SBT in alignment with Human Capital standards. Identify current and potential employee skill requirements in consultation with the Human Capital Function.

Physical Infrastructure

  • Lead and drive design, cost, implementation and management of projects across all phases of the project life cycle. Translate user requirements into practical property solutions and manage projects in terms of quality, timing and cost.
  • Provide expertise and guidance to SBT to deliver fit-for-purpose Real Estate solutions that enable a consistent workplace experience across the SBT Real Estate portfolio (i.e., maintenance, space provisioning, logistics and hospitality).
  • Lead, manage and deliver Real Estate Services capabilities across Retail, Commercial, Technical, Facilities Management and Group Physical Security portfolios. Optimise business processes and better leverage business insights that enable enhanced decision making in order to make the enterprise smarter and more resilient.
  • Develop the Real Estate Governance standards and fundamentals for lease, buy, sell and develop within Tanzania in order to contribute to the Real Estate Services Toolbox.
  • Develop, advise and monitor adherence to minimum standards relating to retail & commercial infrastructure development and physical security. Lead the delivery of a strategic corporate infrastructure plan and deliver all physical security solutions.
  • Lead and control effective maintenance of physical corporate infrastructure. Maintain and manage facilities for corporate infrastructure (including Professional Technical Services).
  • Lead and drive effective management of SBT’s property portfolio and ensure that the physical distribution of both Commercial and Retail space that the Group occupies is optimised (incl. management of the Group’s entire portfolio of property assets).


  • Define the data model for the Real Estate Services Function in adherence to the SBT data policies and standards. Develop, provide and maintain the core data sets for Real Estate Services to the SBT Data Function.

Financial Management

  • Develop the minimum budgetary standards and efficiency targets for the Real Estate Services Function and ensure alignment to the financial strategy as determined by the SBT Finance Function.
  • Drive cost management and budgetary control and adherence for the Real Estate Services Function within Tanzania, including the development and management of the operational budget and unit cost management to control cost within budget.
  • Define and control the optimal Real Estate Holding structure, including buy / rent / dispose, accounting standards, capital allocation tax, etc. to realise the strategic objectives and aspirations of the Bank and ensure sound financial control with respect to Real Estate within Tanzania.
  • Control the end-to-end Vendor value chain for Real Estate Services within Tanzania across Retail, Commercial and Physical Security. Ensure Real Estate Services are competitive and benchmarked against industry standards.
  • Enable capital and functional cost improvements, improved risk, controls and compliance, data access, quality and integrity, governance driven predictability, accelerating change readiness and business agility as it pertains to the entire Real Estate Services Function within Tanzania.


  • Develop the Real Estate Services functional strategy to ensure alignment to the Stanbic Bank Tanzania Strategy as well as the Group Real Estate Services Strategy.
  • Lead and drive the implementation of the Real Estate Services Functional strategy to enable the SBT strategy. Execute, monitor and maintain adherence to the Real Estate Services functional plan.
  • Track physical infrastructure trends and identify opportunities to influence the strategic aspirations of the Bank as a member of the Tanzania Executive Management team.

Technology & Architecture

  • Set Real Estate Services technology plan based on the Real Estate Services Function’s plan and SBT IT plan. Provide SBT Real Estate Services domain expertise to develop the relevant technology requirements. Adhere to and implement the relevant technology standards developed by the IT Function.
  • Lead and influence decisions on technology, the future-way-of-work, what physical infrastructure would both support the achievement of the  financial services as well as support and protect the people (employees and clients) and the planet. Provide thought leadership in alternative power utilization Tanzania and SEE initiatives (i.e. water consumption, re-cycling and waste management). Provide governance domain expertise into technology requirements.

Licence to Operate

  • Govern that adequate licensing is acquired and maintained for all retail and commercial real estate, by understanding all the legal and licensing requirements across the franchise.
  • Define and implement the frameworks and standards that ensure compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements from a physical infrastructure perspective across SBT.

Organization Design

  • Develop and implement the Real Estate Services Function’s specific Operating Model, capabilities, supporting standard job descriptions and skill requirements for SBT based on Human Capital standards. Monitor adherence to the Real Estate Services Function’s Organization standards across SBT.

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