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Consultancy at UpEnergy March, 2023

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UpEnergy is an international company that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint by distributing carbon offsetting technologies/energy efficient technologies such as improved cookstoves, and water filters among others, using carbon finance. In Tanzania, UpEnergy distributes improved cookstoves and intends to distribute institutional water purification systems as part of its carbon credit program. UpEnergy is commissioning a baseline survey to assess the viability of the intended project and use the results to determine potential project areas or institutional types that the project can implement. To efficiently conduct the study, UpEnergy is looking for a seasoned local consulting firm to implement the baseline survey on institutional water treatment following the Gold Standard methodology.

Overall Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to assess water access, quality, and treatment across various institutions in the administrative provinces of Tanzania. The study is expected to assess 150 schools, and 210 of other institutional types (prisons/health centers among others).

Specific Qualifications

  • Consultancy firms should be registered with the Tanzanian Government and should have a specialization in Environment, Energy, and any related Carbon field of expertise.
  • Experts within the consulting firm should possess relevant degrees in water, energy, environment, and statistics. Preference: Team leader to have at least a Master’s Degree in the related field, and data collectors at least a diploma/degree.
  • Experts in the team must have at least 5 years of experience in implementing baseline surveys and developing qualitative and quantitative baseline survey reports in line with Carbon Standards (Gold Standard /Clean Development Mechanism).
  • Experts leading the project should have over 10 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing cross-sectional surveys in remote areas in Tanzania.
  • Experience in implementing data analysis for large datasets and using mobile data collection platforms (such as ODK/KoboCollect, and Crystal Surveys, among others) for data collection and survey management
  • Experience in water sample collection and testing, and also knowledge of the Water Landscape (institutional, community, and household level)forTanzania.
  • Experts should have strong proficiency in English and the local languages applicable to the survey locations

Application Procedure & Submission of Applications

All interested applicants may get the detailed ToR by emailing [email protected]. The email subject should read “Request for Detailed ToR RFP-Baseline Survey”.

Technical and Financial proposals should then be submitted via email at [email protected] not later than 7th April 2023,1700hrs East Africa time. Upon submission, the email subject should be “RFP-Baseline Survey Institutional Water Treatment Tanzania + Name of Consulting Firm”.

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