You are currently viewing Data Entry Clerk (11 Positions) at HJFMRI July, 2023

Data Entry Clerk (11 Positions) at HJFMRI July, 2023

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HIV and AIDS resource mobilization.
The Walter Reed Program Tanzania (WRP-T) is a collaborative effort that supports PEPFAR- funded HIV prevention and treatment activities in the Southern Highlands and within the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF). HJF Medical Research International, Inc Tanzania (HJFMRI-T) is a local non-profit that has supported these efforts since 2004 for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). PEPFAR activities are conducted in close collaboration with the Tanzania Ministry of Health (MoH) and the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG), through the Regional and Council Health Management Teams. HJFMRI- T HJF Medical Research International, Inc. Tanzania (HJFMRI-T) provides care and treatment to people affected by HIV/AIDS and has been actively involved in HIV and AIDS programming, providing resources, personnel and services to the Southern Highlands Zone regions namely Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, and Songwe. The program also supports TPDF to implement a comprehensive HIV prevention care and treatment program in 21 Military sites throughout the country.
It is in this regard that WRP-T in collaboration with the Songwe Regional Government seeks to
recruit 13 staff.

Job Title: Data Entry Clerk (11 Positions)
Report to: Council Director
Location: Songwe Region


i. Degree or Diploma in computer science, statistics, record management, Information technology, Health information management, Health System Management, and or related scientific discipline from a recognized university.
ii. At least two years of previous experience and knowledge working with databases.

iii. Computer literacy with a package of Microsoft Office [Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet, and Email
iv. At least two years of experience in data management or any related information Management System.

v. Experience in CTC2 database is an added advantage.

vi. Ability to operate various word-processing software, spreadsheets, and database programs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

i. To assure timely entry of patient files in the health management database both from CTC

and RCH, within one day after receiving the file from the clinician;

ii. Entering numerical data, codes, and text from source documents into computer- compatible storage devices. To collaborate with CTC clinical staff and ensure the completeness of data collected and filled on the CTCs cards and registers. Document and report HIV and AIDS information systems problems to the line supervisor using integrated reporting tools
iii. To update the status of Clients every time they attend a clinical visit and or change status, e.g. TO, Death, and LTF.
iv. Assist Health care workers to generate a list of patients attending the next CTC session, LTF, Clients eligible for viral load uptake, Missed appointments, and any other requested report.
v. To compare data in the ART registers and ARV Dispensing registers if they match those entered in the CTC2 database and enter if there is any discrepancy at every visit
vi. To run the CTC2 database built-in checks for data cleaning, and solve them as required

vii. To assure that the CTC2 database and Pharmacy Module are always of the most recent version;
viii. Assure that a weekly backup is made on either a partitioned hard drive or a separate hard drive/Flash Disk;
ix. Use the CTC2 database to produce high-quality quarterly reports for the Council Medical Officer and submit these to the DACC/TACC and Data Manager, and the RACC and Regional M&E Officers.
x. To use the CTC2 database to produce daily, weekly, and monthly reports on patients

who are lost to follow up and submit the same to the Outreach Partner who will use these data to trace the patients;
xi. To make data available and accessible to programmers and end users. This includes; compiling daily, weekly, and monthly program reports

xii. Responsible for every new database that is introduced for the project like Train- smart, Male circumcision database, etc;
xiii. Ensure files are arranged in order at every visit.

xiv. Ensure that the data room and the computer are clean every day
xv. Prepare and review daily and weekly reports template for district and regional performance for tracking general performance.

xvi. Performing any other relevant duties as assigned.


General conditions

i. All applicants must be citizens of Tanzania of not more than 45 years of age.

ii. Applicants must attach an up-to-date Curriculum vitae (CV) having reliable contacts (Postal

Address, E-Mail, three passport-size photos, and Telephone numbers).

iii. Applicants should apply on the strength of the information given in this advertisement. iv. Applicants must attach relevant certified copies of Academic and training certificates.
v. Applicants should indicate three reputable referees with their reliable contacts.


Cover letters, resumes, and Education certificates should be sent via email to [email protected]

NOTE: To be considered, applicants must put the TITLE OF THE JOB and LOCATION in the SUBJECT LINE. The deadline for submitting the application is 7th July 2023. Those who do not meet the minimum requirements, as detailed in the job description, will not be considered.

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