You are currently viewing Manager, Brand & Marketing, Business 2 C at Stanbic Bank July, 2023

Manager, Brand & Marketing, Business 2 C at Stanbic Bank July, 2023

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  • To implement winning Brand & Marketing (B&M) strategies within the Personal & Private Banking Segment, Tanzania, that capitalise on market opportunities to acquire and retain clients & enhance segments’ commercial value.
  • To develop, monitor and control consistent messaging across all media channels to build long-term brand equity, deliver on the Country strategic objectives, drive brand awareness and promote Stanbic Bank products and services within Tanzania.
  • Technology & Architecture
  • Conduct analysis, monitor and report on the performance of the brand on Social Media platforms, ensuring that all queries are adequately resolved and that engagement is maintained with the social media communities.
  • Build, enhance and monitor the performance of the Stanbic Bank Tanzania website, ensuring that content is kept update and that availability of the website remains optimal to enable uninterpreted client access to information and internet banking.
  • Establish content, monitor and control all digital outlets including ATM’s, and in-branch videos to ensure that tall content is regularly updated to drive brand consistency and customer access to the most relevant information.
  • Develop the annual Consumer and High Net Worth and Digital Marketing plan, considering the overall Marketing strategy for Tanzania and the Group to ensure alignment with Business and Country objectives to drive brand awareness across social media platforms.
  • Brief, monitor and control the production of content by creative agencies and other contracted suppliers or placement on various social media platforms to ensure that all concepts and artwork are developed in line with the brand and advertising principles to drive increase in views and interaction with the Bank’s social media platforms.


  • Design and deliver omnichannel communication and marketing journey initiatives for Consumer and High Net Worth, Tanzania to achieve and optimise client experience excellence.
  • Stay abreast of the latest developments in the fields of marketing, communication and public relations and use this information to help the Consumer and High Net Worth Client Segment within Tanzania to operate under the new ways of work, with agility, flexibility and drive to achieve.
  • Drive an agile way of working by ensuring marketing insights are leveraged to deliver brand and marketing competitiveness which will help the final product that will be delivered to market.
  • Execute on all Consumer and High Net Worth Brand and Marketing activities as per the operational plan to ensure that campaigns are delivered on time and within budget in order to deliver efficient, effective and reliable marketing services to the business within Tanzania.
  • Brief and oversee the production of marketing and advertising communications and campaign material by the Bank’s agency and other contracted suppliers to ensure that all concepts and artwork are developed in line with the brand and advertising principles and corporate identity guidelines to ensure that all campaigns are on specification and on brand.
  • Conceptualise, plan and lead the delivery of product launches and other events ensuring that they are in line with business objectives and events guidelines and policies.
  • Develop and drive effective merchandise and promotional items for Consumer and High Net Worth to ensure that they are used to achieve maximum exposure and brand awareness.


  • Develop comprehensive go-to market plans in line with Consumer & High Net Worth requirements and incorporating all marketing, advertising and media activities to drive the achievement of business objectives.
  • Conduct research to develop relevant client insights to identify and present opportunities to the senior and executive leaders within Consumer and High Net Worth within Tanzania.

Risk, Regulatory, Prudential & Compliance

  • Drive adherence to the Marketing and Advertising codes of practice, Corporate Identity, Banking regulations, regulatory requirement and laws that are relevant to the Bank in Tanzania and the Standard Bank Group.
  • Comply with all regulatory frameworks and internal policies and drive the implementation and adherence to all Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions related requirements contained in policies, procedures and processes to minimise the risk of non-compliance.


  • Monitor business performance through obtaining data from various sources, including the dashboard in order to perform competitive analysis in order to present the findings and recommendations to senior and executive leaders within the Consumer and High Net Worth Client Segment within Tanzania.
  • Conduct market research to assess the effectiveness of marketing, advertising through digital and media platforms in order to align to best practices and identify opportunities for Consumer and High Net Worth within Tanzania.

Financial Management

  • Contribute to the budgeting process with inputs from the business and manage marketing related expenditure to enable the effective use of allocated funds to contribute to the overall success of the business.

Minimum Qualifications
Type of Qualification: First Degree
Field of Study: Business Commerce
Type of Qualification: First Degree
Field of Study: Marketing

Experience Required
Marketing & Communications Business Partnering
Brand & Marketing
Event Management (3-4 years)
Demonstrated ability to lead event management with practical experience in conferencing and event marketing management. Experience in leading all Digital Platforms, including the website, ATMs, in-branch videos and all social media platforms to ensure that customers have access to the most up to date information as it relates to products and services.

Marketing & Communications Business Partnering (3-4 years)
Experience in advertising, creative briefing, campaign management, and media planning strategies and global best practice.

Brand Management (3-4 years)
The role requires an individual with a thorough understanding of effective brand management, ensuring the best public image of the organisation is seen. Understanding of the target customer markets as well as best-platform media channels and touch points. Ability to translate marketing strategies into effective single minded advertising and communication tactics.


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